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In this i am show you top 5 knock knock humor jokes.You can share these jokes with your friends and faimly member.You can see our new latest jokes.

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Knock Knock Humor jokes

Father Knock !!  knock  !!

Knock ..! knock….!

Who is there ??


Who ??

Dad go quick , Is late for school


Friend Knock  !! knock  !!

Knock ….! Knock…..!

Who is there ??

Messy friend….!!

Who Tell your name ??

Let’s go out and play

Girlfriend knock  !! knock  !!

Knock ….! Knock…..!

Who is there ??

humor Love….!!

Name please ??

Your girlfriend has called you on a dinner at ……

Mother of 100 children Knock  !!  knock !!

Knock ….! Knock…..!

Who is there ??


Who city ??

Baby Lets go Your 100 Children remember You

Sister Knock !! Knock !!

Knock Knock

Who is there ??

Your most beloved ….!!


Do not come near , Let’s Go from Here

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